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SVS History - Andy Metelka

Andy Metelka, president of Sound & Vibration Solutions Canada, Inc., has had over 30 years’ experience in the fields of acoustic and vibration measurement and analysis.  He spent the first 15 years of his career with Nicolet Instrument Canada while working with both Nicolet Scientific and Nicolet Test Instruments. Nicolet Scientific (formerly Federal Scientific) was responsible for developing the first Portable FFT analyzer; While Nicolet Test Instrument developed the first Digital Storage Oscilloscope. After 2 years with CD Nova he went on to form his own company 15 years ago to better address his market.  Previously named Novel Dynamics Test, Inc., the company now has changed its name to better reflect the nature of its focus. Sound and Vibration Solutions Inc specializes with Noise & Vibration Applications. 



Increased demand for just-in-time solutions and system operation requires careful thought when selecting hardware, software, sensors and signal conditioning. Finding the correct solution can be a time consuming effort. Connecting them together for operation with today’s computer technology can be a complex task. Electrodynamic Shakers and fixtures come in various sizes & configurations and often require extensive consultation. Acoustic measurements can be even more challenging. Rapid developments with technology have lead to a fast selection. On-site Operator training, installation and assistance are also required. Sound & Vibration Solutions Canada Inc. provides all these services to the Canadian Marketplace as a true solution-based Canadian Distributor. We consult measurement applications and provide solutions.

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