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Companies have expressed increased preference for turn-key solutions searching for one supplier source. SVS has extensive experience in the area of customized integration.  We travel the world seeking new technologies for the Canadian Marketplace as a qualified Canadian Representative and Distributor. In short we have performed this tedious function for our suppliers.


Precision Acoustic Measurement Instrumentation

  • Precision Measurement Condenser Microphones, Preamplifiers
  • Sound Intensity Probes
  • Outdoor Microphones / Hydrophones
  • Calibration Instrumentation and Accessories
  • Hearing and Speech Simulation Devices
  • Binaural Recording Manikins


Portable Battery operated FFT Analyzers

  • Store Time, FFT, and more to High Capacity SD Memory
  • Optional PC Software for Analysis
  • Single and Multiple Beam non-contact Vibration Measurements
  • 4,8 & 16-channels
  • Vibration Controllers for Electro-dynamic Shakers Systems


Advanced Noise Measurement Systems

  • Extremely Durable. Powerful and Portable
  • 2-8 Channel Acoustic Analyzers
  • FFT, Octave, Room Acoustics, Sound Intensity.
  • Sound Power, Enviromental Noise, Sound Level Meters,
  • Impedance Tubes, Human Vibration & more


Advanced Sound Level Meters

  • Advanced Sound Level Meters
  • Remote Web Based Noise Monitoring.
  • Report and Editing Software



  • Noise & Vibration excitation
  • Infra-Qsources
  • Lms-Qsources Siemens


Intensity Imaging Systems

  • Sound Intensity
  • In-Situ Absorption, Impedance and Reflection Measurements
  • Acoustic Mapping
  • Noise Source Localization



  • Non-contact Fixed Point Laser Vibrometers
  • Scanning Laser Vibrometers
  • Multi-Beam Laser Vibrometers





Vibration Control Systems

  • Advanced Control for Hydraulic and Electrodynamic Shaker Systems
  • 2-32 Channels, Random, Sine, Shock Testing and more


Visual Modal & Visual ODS

  • Software Tools for analyzing Structures and the effects of structural modifications on resonances
  • View and Analyze Operation Deflection Shapes
  • Modal Analysis
  • Operating Deflection Shape Analysis
  • Operational Modal Analysis




Vibration Sensors 

  • Accelerometers, Signal Conditioning, Impact Hammer Kits
  • Accessories for Modal Analysis
  • Pizoelectric Force, Pressure Sensors