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The subject of acoustics technology involves measurements ranging from simple to complex. Unwanted sound, most often referred to as noise, can be measured to ascertain its characteristics and then modified by attenuation or reshaping the sound to make it pleasant. Our measurement products empower engineers to make these adjustments, especially in critical competitive marketplaces. Anything from a simple measurement of sound pressure levels to advanced noise source identification can be provided in a scalable measurement platform. Special measurement microphones and other devices can be used with multiple channel real-time FFT analyzer/recorder technology. SVS products can be used in the lab or for portable rugged field applications. Simultaneous multi channel real-time parallel processing and recording allow valid measurements from the field to be post processed later. Some applications include, sound level measurement, parallel processing of Real-time FFT/octaves, cross channel analysis, hand/body vibration, building vibration, Sound Power/Sound Intensity, room acoustics, near and far field acoustic mapping.
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